Obstacles cannot crush me; every obstacle yields to Stern Resolve.

- Leonardo DaVinci

For more than 20 years I have provided top-notch customer service - to external customers as an OEM and third-party integrator and as a Manufacturing Engineer to internal customers for my employers.  I have a proven track record for success, because I never give up - I never walk away from a failure.

My reputation is "problem-solver."

Did five technicians waste six weeks not solving the problem?  - Fixed in 2 hours

Have you wasted thousands of dollars in broken parts for three years, due to an undiagnosed machine design flaw? - Solved in 3 days

Were you in China for four months getting nowhere on a machine startup? - Running good parts at full speed in 5 days

My approach is different, because I think differently, avoiding the mental traps that cause paralysis-by-analysis in others.


Let's talk about how I can help!

What do you need?

ERP/MRP Integration, Project Management, Servo Applications, AMS Controls Expertise

ERP-MRP Integration

In-depth knowledge of Eclipse and industry Best Standards from the office to the shop floor.  Barcode scanners, label and inkjet printers, punching, and data acquisition - OEE, runtime, speed, and scrap.  Includes training.

On-site and remote support and training.

Consulting based on month-by-month agreement.

Support for AMS Controls

Servo flying die, roll feed systems, rotary, Boss, Viper, punch programming, plc integration, design, setup, installation, and troubleshooting.

Phone, email, or on-site.

Per-incident hourly rate or yearly support contract.

Integrations and Installs

Project Management of complete machine integrations, electrical and controls packages, merging processes for full, in-line control.

Remote Project Management.  On-site installation.

10% Commission or by month-by-month agreement.


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